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FREE—The first thing that makes Unique Bible Study Resources unique is that all the Bible study lessons that appear on our website can be downloaded at no cost—FREE.

Are worry, fear, depression, and anger a part of your daily lifestyle? The weekly teachings on this website will make clear God's formula for finding freedom from such bondage.

Are you searching for Bible studies that are totally focused on the Word of God? The weekly Bible studies posted on this website do just that.

Do you teach at a church or lead a Home Bible Group? Are you looking for new material and ideas for your personal Bible Study Lessons? If that is the case, on this website you will find a stimulating new approach and a host of life changing resources.

The purpose of this FREE website is to enable the multitudes of troubled and struggling Christians in today's churches to discover and live true Biblical Christianity as it is defined in our Bibles. Have you ever thought of worry, fear, and anger as <strong>addictions</strong>? Probably not—but they can be. Are they any less enslaving than drugs and alcohol, if they hold a dominant place in our daily lives?

On Unique Bible Study Resources you are invited to listen in on and download FREE weekly home Bible lessons recorded live as a group sits around a conference table with open Bibles and notebooks. You will soon feel like a member of this very informal weekly gathering. You will sometimes hear comments and questions from group members, Bible pages being turned, the occasional cough and, hopefully, very few cell phones ringing.

If you are not able, for any one of a dozen reasons, to attend a weekly small group Bible study, Unique Bible Study Resources is the place for you! Folks from literally all over the world are doing just that.

Individuals and groups from the following countries have downloaded Bible lessons from this website in the past two years. This site has been created so that YOU can be a part of a small group Bible study no matter what your circumstances, or where you live on the planet:

Albania, Algeria, Asia Pacific, Austria, Antigua, Australia, Argentina, Aruba, Barbados, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belize, Benin, Botswana, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Bermuda, Brunei, Chili, Cambodia, China, Cayman Islands, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cote D'lvoire, Canada, Cameroon, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominion Republic, England, Equador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Eritrea, European Union, France, Faroe Islands, Fiji, Finland, Greece, Ghana, Germany, Guayana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honk Kong, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Indonesia, India, Italy, Israel, Isle of Man, Japan, Jamaica, Jordan, Kuwait, Kenya, Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Liberia, Mauritius, Malaysia, Malta, Madagascar, Marshall Islands, Myanmar, Mexico, Micronesia, Moldova, Malawi, Nepal, Namibia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Norway, Netherlands, Oman, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Poland, Peru, Paraguay, Pakistan, Panama, Qatar, Oman, Reunion, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Saint Lucia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Spain, Samoa, Sweden, Trinidad, Tobago, Thailand, Tanzania, Taiwan, Tobago, Turks & Caicos, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Ukraine, Uganda, Venezuela, Viet Nam, Virgin Islands, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Once again, we welcome you to Unique Bible Study Resources. We invite you to make this site your home. We believe small group Bible studies can change the face of Christianity in today's troublesome world.

Jack and Ruth McDonald

Under the Cloud by Jack and Ruth McDonald

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"Under The Cloud"
Written by:
Jack and Ruth McDonald

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Comments Are In:

Rev. Dr. Dean, Pastor- If you are looking for a man with a fresh perspective to lead your church to another level, consider inviting Jack to come in and lead a series of teaching sessions. Our church thoroughly enjoyed the time. He is competent in handling the scriptures, and has great insight about Biblical truths that are often neglected or simply not taught by design in so many of our churches today. You will not be disappointed if you embark on such a course.

Connie - I can't put the book Under the Cloud down!

David (a Sunday School teacher for Young Marrieds) - It is a great teaching resource that I know is reliable. There are specific topics that I can easily access for use in my class like "The Rock" and I especially liked the section on "Educating the Flesh."

Mary Anne - Under the Cloud is not just another man's opinion, it is all based on Scripture.

Antoinette (who has already purchased over 30 books) - As I give the book to friends and clients, I say to them "put down all the other books you are reading and read this one! I promise you Under the Cloud will change your life."

Julie - I started reading Under the Cloud yesterday and felt enveloped in love, as well as wonderful memories of being taught amazing and powerful truths through two incredible servants of God. Thank You!

Name withheld by us - I will send my husband and son off to the Middle East in Sept. for their second deployment with a copy of your book. (Likely to Afghanistan).

Karen - I am really enjoying your book. It sure is one that I will go back to. I have already marked it up.

John & Jane - We are both enjoying your book so much. Please bring us 10 more signed copies on Thursday.

Rob - My only criticism of the book is that I eventually ran out of pages.

Sally - Your book is fantastic! I just wish I had read it 20 years ago. It would have answered a lot of my questions.

Wayne - I loved the section on "Rigged Fights."