Christs Arrest
Bible Study Lesson

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Christ's Arrest
Bible Study Lesson

This Christs Arrest Bible study lesson is about counterfeit Christians who give the impression of standing with Christ, but who will quickly line up with the world when push comes to shove.

Judas was a counterfeit Christian. He learned the Christian drill well and for three years he gave the impression of being a follower of Christ's. In fact, he played the Christian game so well that everyone, including the disciples, viewed him as being a believer. The only one he wasn't able to deceive was Jesus.

Today, we have counterfeit Christians (tares) who because of their religious performance, and their involvement in Christian circles, they are viewed as being a genuine Christian. In the days ahead, pressure is going to be placed upon the church community, and just as with Judas, the counterfeit believers will be quick to line up with the world.

In this Christs Arrest Bible study lesson we will also discover:

  • What motivated Judas to betray Jesus.
  • Why Jesus rebuked Peter for cutting off the soldiers ear.
  • Why the religious Jews took Jesus to Pilate for sentencing rather then executing Him themselves.
  • We will see how the pardon of Barabbas pictures a Christian being pardoned of the offenses he committed against God.

Christ's Arrest Bible Study Lesson

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NOTE: I recommend listening to the lessons on the tabernacle as I view this series as being one of the most valuable teachings in the Bible. The tabernacle lessons gives us God's formula (not man's) for being justified, sanctified (maturing as a Christian), having an effective prayer life, having an appetite for the Word of God, and for being a positive witness for Christ.

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