Bible Study Lesson

"The most inflexible organization in the
world is the churches"
- William Barclay

This Cornelius Bible study lesson can be summed up in one word—flexibility!

  • The first generation of Israelites who departed from Egypt were inflexible because of constantly refusing to enter the Promised Land. Of this generation God said, "You are a stiff-necked people"—inflexible (Exodus 32:9). 
  • Jesus was confronted with inflexible thinking. Can you believe they actually accused Him of healing on the wrong day of the week?
  • Stephen encountered inflexible Jews. He referred to them as being stiff-necked (Acts 7:51). 
  • Paul was constantly confronted with the inflexible Jewish religious leaders (Acts 9:20, 23).

This Cornelius Bible study lesson is about discarding denominational teachings, and religious traditions, that are not supported by Scripture (Colossians 2:8). In this lesson we will see:

  • How Peter had to be flexible. If he was to have an effective ministry among Gentiles it was imperative that age-old religious beliefs that were not supported by Scripture be discarded.
  • Why God overrode His instruction to Noah (Genesis 9:3) by advising Israel not to eat certain foods during their exodus to the Promised Land (Leviticus 11).
  • How the Lord demonstrated to Peter that the Levitical food laws were no longer in play.
  • How Peter saying, "Not so, Lord," was a contradiction of words.
  • That the gospel is available to all and not just to a certain category of people.
  • How the Old Testament saints were aware that a time was approaching when the Holy Spirit would take up residence in the hearts of believers
  • One of the proofs that a person has been born-again.
  • Two things that contributes to inflexible thinking in today's Christian community.

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