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This lesson can be summed up in one word—FREEDOM!

Christ's main purpose for coming to earth was to set people free from the penalty of sin and from the bondage of sin.

The purpose of this study is to discover God's formula for finding freedom from such fleshly addictions as worry, fear, depression, and anger.

Bible Study Lesson 1

Imprisonment goes against human nature. All prison inmates long for freedom. During their lonely hours of confinement, much time is spent daydreaming of freedom. In today's stressed-filled world the lives of many Christians resembles that of a prison inmate. They are not behind iron bars, nevertheless, they are experiencing a form of bondage. A prison without bars! Their inward struggle takes many forms. Some of the most common are worry, fear, depression, anger, financial problems, and marital insecurities.

Most people are not quick to walk away from their bondage. You may recall that only a remnant of Jews made the effort to leave Babylon and return to Jerusalem. The 900 mile trek back to their homeland seemed like too much of an effort, so, the majority choose to remain in the bondage. At the Flood a minority of eight people entered the ark. At Kadesh-Barnea, out of an estimated population of two million Jews, only two entered the Promised Land to claim their legal inheriance—Joshua and Caleb.

This lesson is about getting out of prison by discovering freedom from fleshly bondage. If that is your desire then this study will be of great value to you.

Ezra Lesson 1

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Bible Study Lesson 2

This Bible study lesson on the book of Ezra is about rebuilding lives. When Israel returned to Jerusalem the first thing they were instructed to do was begin restoring the temple. God's desire has never changed of the years. Once the Holy Spirit takes up residence in a life it is then His desire to restore the temple that He indwells—the lives of believers (1 Corinthians 6:19).

This lesson is to encourage believers to get their lives in the right spiritual condition, so they can display Holy Spirit generated fruit, and be a positive epistle for Christ.

Ezra Lesson 2

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Note: After listening to these two Ezra lessons, I suggest listening to the study on Nehemiah.

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