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In this series we will examine:

  • God's calendar which He presented to Israel. The calendar was in the form of seven feasts which were celebrated annually throughout the Old Testament period.
  • We will see how each feast pictured a key event that God would bring into play during the New Testament age. Such events as Calvary and the resurrection were on God's calendar.
  • We will see how believers can experience the quality of life Adam and Eve enjoyed before the Fall. A life free of worry, fear, anger, and stress.
  • We will see the key for displaying the attributes of Christ—spiritual fruit.
  • We will also see why it is an impossibility for a Christian to lose his salvation.
  • We will examine Christ's Will and the benefits of being a beneficiary.

Bible Study Lesson 1

In this lesson we will examine each of the seven feasts that Israel celebrated annually—God's calendar.

The interesting thing about the feasts is they were celebrated throughout the Old Testament in exactly the same order as they would be fulfilled in the New Testament age. As I write, three of the feasts have been fulfilled. One is in the process of being fulfilled. The final three feasts will become a reality at some future time.

Note: For additional information about this topic go to the home page and click on The Feasts.

"These are the feasts of the Lord,
holy convocations which you shall
proclaim at their appointed times"

Leviticus 23:4

Hebrews Lesson 1

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Bible Study Lesson 3

"We know that all things work together for good
to those who love God, to those who are
the called according to His purpose
Romans 8:28

Most Christians have the wrong slant of what God's purpose is for their lives. They think they have discovered His purpose by becoming involved in such noble activities as joining a church, singing in the choir, teaching Bible lessons, or standing behind a pulpit. Such activities are simply a byproduct of entering into His purpose.

God's purpose for a persons life is experienced when he makes a conscious decision to invite Christ to take over the management of his life. This lesson is about taking that step of faith.

Hebrews Lesson 3

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Hebrews Bible Study Lesson 3 (MP3 File)

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Bible Study Lesson 4

"Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to
his stature? Therefore do not worry...
Matthew 6:27, 31

This lesson is about discovering the key to finding freedom from what is likely the number one sin Christians commit. That sin is worry. This lesson provides us with the key to finding freedom from this bondage.

The above verse says it is foolish to worry, as worry can't improve a problem. The only thing worry accomplishes is it accelerates the aging process. The medical people claim worry and stress to be the #1 killers!

If worry were to be eliminated from the Christian community, not only would believers lives be transformed, but nonbelievers would be more inclined to take Christianity seriously.

"If Christians would really live according to the
teachings of Christ, as found in the Bible,
all of India would be Christian"

Mahatma Gandhi

Hebrews Lesson 4

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Hebrews Bible Study Lesson 4 (MP3 File)

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Bible Study Lesson 5

This lesson is about finding freedom from the death sentence that is imputed to every citizen of this world the instant they are conceived.

"Of the tree of knowledge of good and
evil you shall not eat,
for in the day that you eat of it
you shall surely die"

Genesis 2:17

When Adam stumbled he experienced two types of death that were imputed to all future generations. In this lesson we will examine the meaning of these two deaths.

Hebrews Lesson 5

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Hebrews Bible Study Lesson 5 (MP3 File)

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Bible Study Lesson 6

"There remains therefore a rest for the people of God.
For he who has entered His rest has himself also
ceased from his works as God did from His
Hebrews 4:9-10

The above verse isn't speaking about the peace believers will enjoy in heaven, but a rest that can be experienced right here on planet earth.

The inner peace most Christians experience is fleeting, as it is determined by external happenings. When the world is being sweet they experience a degree of peace. However, when their flesh is challenged by a negative situation the peace is replaced by such bondage as worry, fear, and anxiety.

This lesson is about discovering the key to experiencing peace in the midst of life's dark clouds. If this is your desire then this study on the book of Hebrews will be of value to you.

Hebrews Lesson 6

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Hebrews Bible Study Lesson 6 (MP3 File)

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Bible Study Lesson 7

Everyone in this world is camped on one of two symbolic mountains. They reside on either Mount Sinai, or on Mount Zion. Mount Sinai was where God presented Moses with the law—the mount of judgment. Zion, as we will see, is the mount of redemption.

In this lesson we will discover that our journey from Sinai to Zion is a one-way path. Once we are camped on Zion we are permanently on the mount, for there is no returning to Sinai.

"Those who trust in the Lord are like
Mount Zion, which cannot be
moved, but abides forever"

Psalm 125:1

If you have difficulty explaining why a Christian can't lose their salvation this lesson will provide you with Scripture that supports this truth.

Bible Study Lesson 8

"Where there is a testament, there must also of
necessity be the death of the testator. For a
testament is in force after men are dead,
since it has no power at all while the
testator lives
Hebrews 9:16-17

I have a legal document in my desk drawer that is titled the "Last Will & Testament of Jack McDonald." As the testator to my will I list my assets and name the beneficiaries. As long as I'm alive my will remains a dead document and is of no value to my beneficiaries. However, once I die, my will becomes alive, and is a benefit to my beneficiaries.

Jesus has a will. As the testator, He names the beneficiaries, and their inheritance. Approximately two thousand years ago the Testator died, which means His Will is now in force. The wealthiest person in the world is not the Bill Gate's or Warren Buffet's, but a Christian who is in the right spiritual condition to spend his inheritance (Ephesians 1:11).

"He was rich, yet for your sakes
He became poor, so that we
might become rich"

2 Corinthians 8:9

The purpose of this study is to make us aware of our God-given inheritance.

Hebrews Lesson 8

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Hebrews Bible Study Lesson 8 (MP3 File)

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Bible Study Lesson 9

This lesson is about role models. Fifty years ago role models were often parents, political figures, teachers, and pastors. Role models today are more likely to be sport celebrities and movie stars.

As Christians we have role models to look up to. Several are listed in the Bible Hall of Fame—Hebrews chapter eleven. Being recorded in God's Hall of Fame was not a result of their hitting the most home runs, or receiving an Oscar, but by placing faith in God's promises.

In this lesson we will examine the lives of two Hall of Fame saints who lived 2 Corinthians 4:18 before the verse was recorded. If it is your desire to have more faith, then this lesson will be an encouragement to you.

NOTE: For additional information on faith I recommend going to the home page and clicking on Faith 101.

Hebrews Lesson 9

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Hebrews Bible Study Lesson 9 (MP3 File)

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Bible Study Lesson 10

    This lesson examines the faith displayed by a believer who is referred to as the Father of FaithAbraham. From this lesson we will learn:

  • The branding God places upon a believer.
  • What enabled Abraham to believe God was obligated to resurrect Isaac.
  • The significance of the folded napkin that the apostles Peter and John saw in the empty tomb.

Bible Study Lesson 11

    In this lesson we will examine the lives of two Bible saints who displayed faith in the midst of adverse conditions.

    "Without faith it is impossible to
    please Him...
    Hebrews 11:6

    God never said this about any other aspect of the Christian life—only about faith. Entering a religious building, tithing the traditional percentage, or teaching Bible lessons is no indication of how much faith a believer places in the promises of Christ.

    If you find your faith slips when your flesh is challenged by adverse circumstances, then this lesson will provide you with the key to displaying faith in the midst of tribulations.

    NOTE: I recommend listening to the lessons on the tabernacle as I view this series as being one of the most valuable teachings in the Bible. The tabernacle lessons gives us God's formula (not man's) for being justified, sanctified (maturing as a Christian), having an effective prayer life, having an appetite for the Word of God, and for being a positive witness for Christ.

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