Jeremiah Overview
Bible Study Lesson


The nation of Israel was founded on spiritual principals. However, as the years progressed, the northern ten tribes began drifting from their spiritual roots. They continued observing the religious feasts and entered a religious building like clock-work each Sabbath. However, the daily lives of God's people resembled that of the pagans. God was relegated to the back-burner and man-made idols became the focal point in their places of worship. They became materialistic. They drifted so far from the Lord that they actually sacrificed their children. God sent prophets to call them to repentance, but they turned a deaf ear. Because of God's people refusing to alter course, they reaped from their negative sowing, and in 722 BC they were defeated by the Assyrians. Those who were not killed in battle were taken captive to Assyria where they became assimulated into the Assyrian way oi life. No longer did they experience the freedom and prestige they once enjoyed. The northern kingdom never returned to their homeland, which is why they are referred to as the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. Judgment upon Israel was a result of the conduct of God's people.

Approximately one hundred years later the southern tribe of Israel (Judah and Benjamin) were on the same destructive path. Because of their refusing to repent they ended up in bondage in Babylon. They failed to learn from the mistakes made by their northern brethren. Because of the conduct of God's people Israel once again reaped from their negative sowing.  

The United States was also founded on Christian principals, but God's people have relegated Him to the back-burner. There are many places of worship in each U.S. community, but with few exceptions, they have evolved into nothing more than religious clubs. Despite their church involvement the majority of God's people function similar to the world, where such bondage as worry, anger, and depression is a way of life—addictions.  Pornography has become an epidemic in Christian circles. Abortions are viewed by many of God's people as being acceptable. Instead of fundamental pastors strengthening their flocks with solid Bible teaching the preaching of the gospel is too often the focus.

Unless 2 Chronicles 7:14 becomes a heart reality with God's people American will forsake the freedom and prestige it enjoyed in the past.

"If My people who are called by My name
will humble themselves, and pray and
seek My face, then I will hear from
heaven, and will forgive their sin and
heal their land."

2 Chronicles 7:14

Jeremiah Overview

Bible Study Lesson

We will begin this Jeremiah Overview lesson by examining key verses recorded in the book of Jeremiah. In this lesson we will discover:

  • The unique way the book of Jeremiah was recorded.
  • The first recorded attempt to destroy the Word of God
  • How the Lord revealed to Jeremiah that judgment upon Israel was approaching from the north.
  • What God meant when He said His people should set a standard toward Zion (4:6).
  • How the pastors told their flocks what they wanted to hear rather than challenging them with Bible truths.
  • Why the Lord eventually advised Jeremiah to stop praying for Israel to repent.
  • How the law of the harvest became a reality in the lives of the Israelites—reaping the results of their carnal sowing.
  • Why God instructed Jeremiah to travel 400 miles in order to place an article of clothing in a hole.
  • Why Israel would remain in bondage in Babylon for precisely 70 years.
  • How the U.S. is doomed to experience some form of bondage unless God's people become Zion focused.

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Rev. Dr. Dean, Pastor- If you are looking for a man with a fresh perspective to lead your church to another level, consider inviting Jack to come in and lead a series of teaching sessions. Our church thoroughly enjoyed the time. He is competent in handling the scriptures, and has great insight about Biblical truths that are often neglected or simply not taught by design in so many of our churches today. You will not be disappointed if you embark on such a course.

Connie - I can't put the book Under the Cloud down!

David (a Sunday School teacher for Young Marrieds) - It is a great teaching resource that I know is reliable. There are specific topics that I can easily access for use in my class like "The Rock" and I especially liked the section on "Educating the Flesh."

Mary Anne - Under the Cloud is not just another man's opinion, it is all based on Scripture.

Antoinette (who has already purchased over 30 books) - As I give the book to friends and clients, I say to them "put down all the other books you are reading and read this one! I promise you Under the Cloud will change your life."

Julie - I started reading Under the Cloud yesterday and felt enveloped in love, as well as wonderful memories of being taught amazing and powerful truths through two incredible servants of God. Thank You!

Name withheld by us - I will send my husband and son off to the Middle East in Sept. for their second deployment with a copy of your book. (Likely to Afghanistan).

Karen - I am really enjoying your book. It sure is one that I will go back to. I have already marked it up.

John & Jane - We are both enjoying your book so much. Please bring us 10 more signed copies on Thursday.

Rob - My only criticism of the book is that I eventually ran out of pages.

Sally - Your book is fantastic! I just wish I had read it 20 years ago. It would have answered a lot of my questions.

Wayne - I loved the section on "Rigged Fights."