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Of the four gospels John is likely the most read gospel. This gospel meets the spiritual needs of Christians at their various levels. I like the way Chuck Missler puts it. He said, "The gospel of John is shallow enough for a child to wade in, yet it is deep enough for an elephant to bathe in."

The apostle John was inspired to put to print events that transpired during the earthly ministry of Jesus. Today, we have the privilege of studying this exciting gospel and discover what took place during those years.

Prior to John's conversion he was in the fishing business. After becoming a Christian John remained in the fishing business—he became a fisher of men.


Bible Study Lesson 1

In this John Bible study we will see:

  • John announcing that Jesus existed before time—before the Creation.
  • How Christ and the Word are one-in-the-same.
  • The results of neglecting the Word of God—a mechanical brand of Christianity, a fuzzy relationship with the Lord, spiritual malnutrition and a lack of freedom.
  • How Christ is in the construction business.
  • Why man wasn't created to experience physical death.
  • The main problem in the Christian community—attempting to self-generate spiritual fruit. 
  • The two deaths that resulted in the Fall.
  • Why the lifespan of man began to decline after the Fall. 
  • How John the Baptist was Christ's warm-up act
  • Why the Jews rejected Jesus Christ as the Messiah.
  • How a person must experience two births in order to be justified.
  • How a person can know about Jesus, yet not have his heart illuminated by the Holy Spirit.
  • How a believer possesses two passports.

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Bible Study Lesson 2

In the first John Bible study we saw John mentioning the following attributes of Christ:

  • How Jesus existed before time—before the Creation.
  • How He is the only source of spiritual life (John 15:5).
  • How Christ is the true light and how Christians are equipped to radiate that light. 
  • We also saw John the Baptist being the warm-up act to Christ's ministry—the fulfillment of Malachi 3:1a.

In this study we will examine the following points:

  • How it is God's desire to have an intimate relationship with His people by tabernacling among them. In this lesson we will examine the four phases of His tabernacling among His people. 
  • Why it's possible to know about God, yet not abide in His fold.
  • How believers are able to see God.
  • Why many Christians make the mistake of living under both the law and grace.
  •  The two statements Jesus made by being baptized at the Jordan.
  • Why John the Baptist labeled Jesus the Lamb of God.
  • How John the Baptist first became aware that God's Lamb was on planet earth
  • Why the Andrew ministries are just as important as the Peter ministries. 

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Bible Study Lesson 3

In this John Bible study we will examine three weddings that speaks of the Royal Wedding that will take place between Christ and His eternal bride. In this study we will see:

  • What Jesus hoped to accomplish when He changed the water to wine at the Cana wedding. 
  • What Christ was saying when He announced at the Last Supper that He wouldn't drink wine again until...
  • How Jesus used the occasion of the Last Supper to teach a lesson about eternal security.
  • How the bride (the Church) is currently betrothed to Jesus Christ and that the actual wedding will take place following the sound of the heavenly trumpet.
  • The only acceptable dress code for attending the Royal Wedding in heaven.
  • How this lesson forces us to ask the question—am I arrayed in the acceptable attire, or am I placing faith in my religious accomplishments?

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Bible Study Lesson 4

"Christ our Passover was
sacrificed for us"

1 Corinthians 5:7

After attending the wedding in Cana we find Jesus returning to Jerusalem to attend the annual Passover Feast. The Passover was Israel's #1 celebrated feast which attracted over two million Jewish visitors each year. In this John Bible study we will see:

  • How the Passover became nothing more than an empty religious ritual to most Jews of Christ's day. Only a few connected the dots and realized that Christ became the fulfillment of the above verse—God's Passover Lamb
  • How the disciples failed to understand about the resurrection until Peter and John peered into the empty tomb and spotted a message that Jesus had left.
  • Why any open-minded jury would examine what transpired after the resurrection of Christ and come to the conclusion that something unique took place in Jerusalem three days after His execution.
  • Why Satan wouldn't have crucified the Lord of Glory had he known about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • Why Jesus told Mary Magdalene not to touch Him when she met him outside the tomb.
  • Why Jesus remained in the tomb for three days instead of returning to heaven immediately after being executed.
  • The most successful way to motivate nonbelievers to attend church or a Bible study group.
  • Why Christians often greet each other on Easter Sunday by saying "Happy Easter."
  • Why the Jerusalem tourist guides can't point out the tomb of Jesus with any degree of certainty

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Bible Study Lesson 5

"No one is justified by the law
in the sight of God"

Galatians 3:11
"You are not under law but
under grace"

Romans 6:14

In this John Bible study we find Jesus attempting to explain the difference between law and grace to the legalistic Pharisee—Nicodemus. It has been my experience that the most difficult person to reach with the gospel is a religious minded person who believes he has self-justify by performing certain religious activities. 

In this study we will see:

  • How a Pharisee thought and functioned in Christ's day. 
  • How Jesus stripped away all of his Pharisaical credentials by saying the two words—born-again
  • How a person must experience two supernatural births in order to become born-again. 
  • Why a Christian is presented with a symbolic white stone by the heavenly Judge—Revelation 2:17b.
  • What enables a Christian to ride out the storms of life with peace in his heart.
  • What a person must place faith in in order to be translated from the sinner side to the righteous side of the sin chasm.  
  • Why the phrase spiritual Jew is an appropriate title for a Christian. 

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Bible Study Lesson 6

"In that day it shall be that living waters
shall flow from Jerusalem"

Zechariah 14:8

"With joy you will draw water from
the wells of salvation"

Isaiah 12:3

In this John Bible study we find Jesus breaking with three Jewish traditions. First, He travels through Samaria in order to reach Galilee. In Christ's day, because of the pagan ways of the Samaritans, Jews traveling north from Judah would bypass Samaria by taking a longer and more difficult route. 

In this study we will see:

  • WhyJews from Judah were opposed to entering Samaria.
  • Why Jesus believed it was imparative that He go to Samaria.
  • How Jesus didn't have a canned approach when sharing the gospel. 
  • What the term living water would have meant to the woman at the well. 
  • Jesus announcing that He was the fulfillment of the Old Testament Passover Feast—God's Lamb—the Messiah.
  • Two confirmations that the woman at the well experienced a genuine conversion.
  • That the most holy place in the world is not a religious building, but where Jesus hangs His hat.
  • How having a natural appetite for the Word of God is evidence that a person has been born-again
  • How the prophecy recorded in Amos 8:11 is being fulfilled today.

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Bible Study Lesson 7

"The Lord is the Spirit; and where the
Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."

2 Corinthians 3:17

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,
because He has anointed Me
to preach the gospel...
and to set believers free."

Luke 4:18

In this John Bible study we will examine the following three areas of bondage that Jesus desires to set people free from:

  • Freedom from the penalty of sin
  • Freedom from the judgmental law of Moses.
  • Freedom from such addictions as worry, anger, fear, self-pity and depression.

In this study we will also see:

  • Why Jesus commanded Christians not to worry.
  • The damage worry and stress causes in the human body.
  • Christ's formula for experiencing freedom from our fleshly addictions.
  • How Jesus trashed the Jewish tradition of not working on the Sabbath
  • The quality of life that will be experienced in the two eternal camps.
  • How there will be a resurrection of both the just and unjust. 
  • How Isaiah 26:19b will eventually be fulfilled.
  • What the best thing a person can experience during his time on earth.
  • What the worst thing a person can experience.
  • The importance of being Zion focused and how that becomes a reality. 
  • How God testified of His Son.
  • How Moses judges Jews who rejected Jesus Christ as being the Messiah. 

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Bible Study Lesson 8

After healing the man who had been living with a physical problem for the past thirty-eight years, Jesus took the disciples across the Sea of Galilee for a time of teaching.

A sizable group of people showed up. Their motive wasn't to hear the teaching of Jesus, but to be entertained by another of His impressive miracles. Jesus satisfied their desire by feeding a multitude of over 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two small fish.

In this John Bible study we will see:

  • How people today are often drawn to Jesus with the wrong motive.
  • The spiritual application to the miracle.
  • Why Jesus avoided being made king of Israel at this point in time.
  • Why the Word of God is reliable—without contradictions.
  • Jesus teaching a lesson about eternal security.
  • Why seeing miracles usually doesn't strengthen a persons faith
  • Why many who followed Jesus did a 180 and returned to the Jewish places of worship where a false gospel was taught.
  • Jesus exposing a counterfeit Christian.

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John Lesson8 (MP3 File)

Bible Study Lesson 9

"Do you suppose that I came to give peace
on the earth? I tell you, not at all, but
rather division."

Luke 12:51

Whatever Jesus said, or did, usually caused division between Himself and the Jewish religious hierarchy. Throughout the past 2000 years His Word has continued to place people on the opposite sides of the fence. 

In this John Bible study we will see:

  • How the Jews in Christ's day would break a God-given law in order to satisfy one of their oral laws.
  • Jesus announcing that He is the only source of spiritual life. 
  • How the Pharisees devised what they thought to be a foolproof plan in an attempt to place Jesus between a rock and a hard place.
  • The advice Jesus gave to the woman who was caught in adultery.

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Bible Study Lesson 10

"As long as I am in the world,
I am the light of the world"
John 9:5

Approximately 2000 years ago Jesus (the light) ascended to heaven. The question is, now that He has departed, how is His light being displayed in today's world? 

In this John Bible study we will also see:

  • How Christ became the fulfillment of the Old Testament tabernacle lampstand.
  • Jewish law said 2 witnesses were required to support a belief. We will see how both Jesus and His Father testified about God's Son being the Messiah.
  • Why Jesus was the best photo God ever took.
  • How Christ informed the scribes and Pharisees that they were in the wrong spiritual condition to proceed to heaven.
  • The best way for a Christian to be discipled.
  • Jesus teaching a lesson on eternal security.
  • The four main areas of bondage that Jesus came to set us free from.
  • The apostle Paul says the gospel was revealed to Abraham (Galatians 3:8). This lesson gives us confirmation that he understood what would transpire at the cross.
  • Why Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac.
  • God's formula for experiencing the Christian life as it is defined in the Bible.
  • How John 16:33 should be a reality in the life of a believer.

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Bible Study Lesson 11

In this John Bible study we read about Jesus healing a man who had been born blind. The reactions to this fantastic miracle are interesting. You would think people who witnessed the miracle would have been overjoyed that the man was able to see for the first time in his life, but, as we will see, that was not the case.

In this study we will also see:

  • Why the Pharisees wanted to execute Jesus because of His healing the man.
  • Why the man's parents were reluctant to credit Jesus with the healing.
  • Why a person must conclude that he is spiritually blind before Jesus can provide him with spiritual eyesight
  • How Jesus claimed to be the only key to gaining entry into His eternal fold.
  • Jesus giving a lesson on eternal security.
  • Jesus making an announcement about His death and resurrection.
  • What took place during the annual Feast of Dedication - 10:22.
  • How Paul used the Roman judicial system to teach about the judicial act of Calvary

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Bible Study Lesson 12

In previous studies on the book of John we read about Jesus announcing:

  • That His works (miracles) were evidence of His being the long-awaited Messiah. 
  • He was the source of eternal life and the door to His eternal fold.
  • How nothing could pluck His sheep from His hand.
  • He and the Father are one.

In this study we will see:

  • Jesus performing His final recorded miracle.
  • Why Jesus left Lazarus in the tomb four days before raising him.
  • How Jesus would be glorified in the raising of Lazarus.
  • Why Jesus wept at the tomb of Lazarus.
  • Why Jesus instructed the people to remove the grave wrappings from Lazarus.
  • Why He called Lazarus by name when He invited him to exit the tomb.
  • The three reactions to the resurrection of Lazarus.
  • Why Lazarus was added to the Pharisee's hit list.
  • What the term Son of God would have meant to a Jew.
  • Why it was imperative that Jesus be crucified during Passover Week.
  • Why the advancement of Christianity was dependent on Lazarus walking out of the  tomb.
  • Why the raising of Lazarus put the final nail in Christ's coffin.

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John Lesson12 (MP3 File)

Bible Study Lesson 13

"I say to you, unless a grain of wheat
falls into the ground and dies, it
remains alone; but if it dies, it
produces much grain."

John 12:24

Throughout this series on the book of John we have seen Jesus constantly demonstrating that He was the long-awaited Messiah. In last week's study we saw Him conclusively demonstrating this truth by raising the body of a decomposed man−Lazarus

In this study we will see:

  • When the first Passover took place.
  • Why it was necessary for Jesus to fulfill every detail of the first Passover.
  • How Christians celebrate the Passover memorial today. 
  • Why God brought premature death upon Jesus before the Roman soldiers performed the custom of breaking the legs of a person being crucified.
  • How the Hosanna group sang a different tune during the trial of Jesus−John 12:13.
  • Why Jesus entered Jerusalem mounted on a lowly donkey rather than on a horse.
  • How there is coming a time when Christ will return to earth mounted on a white horse.  
  • The two spiritual applications to John 12:24.
  • What Jesus meant by cross living−Matthew 16:24.
  • The two forces that exist in the life of a believer and how they are totally opposed to each other−Galatians 5:17.
  • What the apostle Paul meant when her wrote about our old man being crucified−Romans 6:6.
  • The keys to experiencing the normal Christian life as it is defined in the Bible.
  • The importance of experiencing the full gospel−Acts 2:36.
  • The importance of being exposed to nourishing spiritual food.

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John Lesson13 (MP3 File)

Bible Study Lesson 14

In the last Bible study we saw Jesus performing an amazing miracle by raising the decomposed body of Lazarus. This miracle motivated many to defect from the Jewish places of worship, which caused the religious leaders to hold an emergency board meeting to decide the best way to put a stop to the exodus. They concluded that Jesus had to be eliminated−John 11:53,

In this study we will examine:

  • The most famous meal in history.
  • How Jesus became the fulfillment of John 12:24.
  • The two occupations Jesus assigns a believer. 
  • The main ministry of a Christian.
  • Why the disciples didn't assume the role of a servant by washing the feet of their fellow disciples. 
  • The two ways of dealing with exposed sin and why the white sock approach is ineffective in eliminating sin.
  • What the apostle Paul meant when he wrote about believers being bondservants to Christ.
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