Noah and the Flood
Bible Study Lesson

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Join our small group fellowship as we study the events that took place
during the life of Noah.

Noah and the Flood
Bible Study Lesson

"As the days of Noah were, so also will the
coming of the Son of Man be.
For as in the days before the flood,
they were eating and drinking, marrying
and giving in marriage, until the day
that Noah entered the ark..."

Matthew 24:37-39

In this Noah Bible study lesson we will examine the following events that took place before, during, and after the Flood:

  • We need to examine Scripture and then come to a conclusion. Was the Flood and what took place on the ark a myth, or was there an actual world wide flood? This lesson on the Flood will answer this question.
  • If it was a global flood where did all the water come from? If all of the clouds were to suddenly release their moisture there would only be enough water to cover a flat earth by approximately two inches. This lesson will explain where all the water came from.
  • God referred to Noah as being a just man—a believer. In Noah's day there was no recorded Word of God and no Ten Commandments. The question is, how did Noah hear the gospel, and become justified in the eyes of God? This study will also answer this question.
  • What it meant for Noah to walk with God.
  • For a vessel of this size (450 feet long and 75 feet wide) it would have been normal to have more than one entrance to the ark. Why only one door? This lesson will address this question.
  • We will see what the pitch symbolized.
  • Why God invited Noah, and his family, to come into the ark, rather than telling them to go into the ark.
  • What God's intention was for showing Noah the world's first rainbow.
  • The Old Testament speaks of three arks. This lesson explains how each ark symbolized what the Lamb of God would accomplished when He arrived.

Noah and the Flood Lesson

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NOTE: I recommend listening to the lessons on the tabernacle as I view this series as being one of the most valuable teachings in the Bible. The tabernacle lessons gives us God's formula (not man's) for being justified, sanctified (maturing as a Christian), having an effective prayer life, having an appetite for the Word of God, and for being a positive witness for Christ.

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