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This series is about one of the most colorful characters in the Bilble—Peter.

Andrew had been exposed to the teachings of John the Baptist, and as a result, he became a Christian. Andrew then introduced his brother Peter to Jesus. After becoming a disciple of Christ's Peter went on to experience many high points in his ministry.

For example, along with James and John, Peter became one of the inner three in the disciples group. He was a born leader and he soon became viewed as being the leader of the disciples. He had the privilege of being with Jesus on the mount of transfiguration. He was the only disciple to walk on water. He healed the sick and raised the dead. Peter was the first disciple to acknowledge Jesus as being the Messiah. Peter recorded the two epistles that bears his name. In one sermon he motivated 3,000 people to defect from the kingdom of Satan and obtain citizenship in the kingdom of Christ. At another time, he teamed up with John, and through their teachings, 5,000 people were ushered into the kingdom. Because of his faith, historians claim he was crucified upside down, as he didn't feel worthy of dying in the same way as Jesus.

During his three years with Christ Peter also experienced the occasional low point. His best known stumble was his denying and cursing Jesus. That has to be viewed as a pretty big sin. Because of his denial Peter experienced a temporal loss of fellowship with Jesus. However, because of hearing the announcement Jesus made earlier that evening at the Last Supper, Peter was aware that his citizenship in the kingdom of Christ remained intact. When he heard Jesus say, "I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father's kingdom," Peter would have realized Jesus was referring to the time He would toast His bride at the heavenly wedding feast. When Peter heard the phrase with you, he would have also realized that all believers would attend the wedding regardless of their earthly conduct, as at the Last Supper, Jesus told Peter he would stumble big time later that very evening. Peter was aware that he didn't have to become born again, again, and that he would be seated at the heavenly wedding feast to hear Jesus toast His eternal bride. After the resurrection of Christ, Peter learned from his stumble, picked himself up, and fulfilled Christ's commission of feeding His sheep!

Bible Study Lesson 1

In this first Peter Bible study lesson we will examine the following key points:

  • How Peter responded when Jesus asked him, "Who do you say I am?"
  • How Peter isn't the Rock that the Church is built upon, but is a foundational pebble.
  • When the Church Age actually began.
  • How Christians should be spiritual pumpkins.
  • What Jesus meant when He presented Peter with the "keys to the kingdom."
  • What Jesus meant when He used the words bind and lose.

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Bible Study Lesson 2

In the first Bible study lesson on the life of Peter we saw Andrew introducing his brother Peter to Christ. In this lesson we will move the clock ahead approximately sixty years to examine the following key words Peter recorded in his first epistle to describe the Christian life:

  • The requirements of being labeled an apostle to Jesus Christ.
  • Why Peter referred to believers as being pilgrims.
  • What Peter meant when he spoke about the foreknowledge of God.
  • The difference between justification and sanctification.
  • What the phrase sprinkling of blood would have pictured in the minds of Jews in Peter's day.
  • How nonbelievers attempt to experience peace.
  • What determines the degree of peace a believer experiences.
  • What the phrase begotten again implies.
  • Christ's Will and the benefits of being a beneficiary.

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Bible Study Lesson 3

"By Him everyone who believes is justified
from all things from which you could not
be justified by the law of Moses"

Acts 13:39

In last weeks Bible study lesson I mentioned several exciting words Peter used to describe the status of a believer. In this lesson we will examine the following writings of Peter to discover God's formula for being justified—being set right (righteous):

  • Just as the above verse states, we will see why it is impossible for a person to self-justify by attempting to satisfy the law of Moses. The series on the Tabernacle gives additional information of this truth.
  • We are aware that a person cannot contribute to his physical birth. In this lesson we will see why a person can't contribute to his spiritual birth.
  • We will see what category of people God had in mind when He said, "Those who handle the law do not know Me" (Jeremiah 2:8).
  • We will also see how God revealed His redemption plan to the Old Testament saints and when His plan was manifested in the New Testament age.
  • The title high priest and the word bridgebuilder stems from the same root word. For a bridge to be reliable it must be firmly rooted in both sides of a chasm or river. In this lesson we will see why Christ is the only reliable bridge that enables a sinner to be translated from the sinner side of the sin gulf to the righteous side.
  • The four things that needs to become a heart reality in order to be justified.
  • Peter wrote about seeing Jesus. In this lesson we will discover the best way to see Him.
  • Why Peter spoke of Jesus as being incorruptible Seed.
  • We will see when Satan received the fatal blow that was prophesied in Genesis 3:15. For more details about this fatal blow click Genesis-Fall.
  • In this lesson we will see what is the only reliable anchor in this unreliable world.
  • Why Peter referred to Jesus as a lamb.
  • Why Peter compared the accomplishments of man as being like grass and flowers.

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Bible Study Lesson 4

In our first two lessons on the life of Peter I mentioned several descriptive words that Peter used to describe a Christian. In this lesson I want to examine the following changes that should begin to take place once a person becomes a believer:

  • Experiencing freedom from such fleshly bondage as anger, hypocrisy, gossiping and fear.
  • No longer being a dead stone, but being a living stone.
  • How such spiritual fruit as peace, joy, and faith is generated..
  • Having a natural appetite for heavenly Manna.
  • Being a bee instead of a butterfly.
  • Having our conduct honorable among nonbelievers.
  • Having a productive ministry in the kingdom of Christ.
  • Being like the walls of Sparta.
  • No longer having the Rock of Ages as being an offense.
  • How we become one of God's special people—"the apple of His eye" (Psalm 17:8).

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Bible Study Lesson 5

"He has delivered us from the kingdom of
darkness and translated us into the kingdom of the
Son of His love, in whom we have redemption
through His blood, the forgiveness of sins"

Colossians 1:13-14

In this lesson we will examine the following aspects of being a citizen in the kingdom of Christ:

  • Peter refers to believers as being healed. In this lesson we will see to what degree a Christian has been healed (1 Peter 2:24).
  • Jesus being the fulfillment of the Old Testament high priest who entered the tabernacle holy of holies room each Passover wearing a breastplate. For more details on the breastplate I suggest purchasing the book Under the Cloud.
  • We will see why Jesus is currently seated at the right hand of the Father and why there were no chairs in the tabernacle.
  • The #1 ministry of a Christian.
  • The three different ways God responds to prayer requests.
  • The benefit of traveling on the Highway of Holiness (Isaiah 35:8).
  • A requirement of elders/deacons that is often overlooked.
  • Finding freedom from the #1 fleshly trait that is experienced by the majority of Christians.
  • Why peace can't be self-generated.
  • The advantage of implementing my Three Step Program when confronted with problems.

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Bible Study Lesson 6

Peter was motivated by the Holy Spirit to record two epistles. The purpose for his letters was to encourage troubled Christians by reminding them of their spiritual status in the kingdom of Christ. It is for this reason that Peter's epistles are excellent teachings for today Christian community.

"There will be a resurrection of the dead,
both of the just and the unjust."

Acts 24:15

In a previous lesson we read about Peter referring to residents of this planet as being pilgrims (1 Peter 1:1). When Christians hear the word pilgrim they usually think it refers to believers. That is not entirely true. Everyone who enters this world is a pilgrim. As the above verse states, everyone will eventually exit this planet, and take up residence in their eternal home—either in the kingdom of light or in the kingdom of darkness—either as permanent residents in the kingdom of Christ, or in Satan's kingdom. While on earth each of us makes a conscious decision as to which camp will be our eternal home. Peter said that those who depart from this planet as sheep in Christ's fold live with a living hope (1 Peter 1:3). This hope is knowing our name is permanently recorded in Christ's census ledger—the Lamb's Book of Life.

In this final lesson on the life of Peter we will examine the following aspects of being a citizen in Christ's eternal kingdom:

  • Why Peter referred to himself as being a bondservant to Jesus Christ.
  • Any intelligent person is aware he can't contribute to his physical birth. In this lesson we will see why a person can't contribute to his spiritual birth.
  • We will see how the degree of peace we experience is directly related to the degree of heart knowledge we have of Jesus Christ and His promises.
  • How we become partakers of a divine nature.
  • We will see how such spiritual fruit as peace, joy, and faith is generated.
  • We will also see the #1 purpose of a church or Bible study.
  • How the light of Christ is displayed in this spiritually darkened world.
  • Why Scripture speaks about Christians being presented with a symbolic white stone.
  • We will see what Peter had in mind when he wrote about a darkness being reserved forever.
  • Why Peter referred to Jesus as being the morning star.
  • Why God said He was well pleased with His Son.
  • We will see how Peter knew his death would be a result of being crucified.
  • We will see why God doesn't wear a Rolex.

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