Peters Boldness
Bible Study Lesson

Peters Boldness Bible study lesson shows how religious minded people will often go to great lengths to cling to beliefs that are not supported by Scripture. In this lesson we will see how the Pharisees witnessed the healing of a lame man, yet, commanded Peter to stop healing people, for it was causing Jews to defect from their places of worship and creating a loss of revenue to the Pharisees. We will also see how the Pharisees commanded Peter to stop preaching about Jesus being the only Door to heaven, and how they stubbornly clung to their false law-based gospel.

In this Peters Boldness Bible study lesson we will examine the following events that took place in the early Church:

  • How tithing isn't to be a legalistic percentage, but is to be heart inspired.
  • How a believer can steal from the Lord.
  • The #1 role of a pastor.
  • The byproduct of making the full gospel a heart reality.
  • Why the religions of the world attracts little flak, while Christianity attracts constant flak.
  • How each member of the Trinity is narrow-minded.
  • Why repentance must precede forgiveness.
  • How the gospel preached by the disciples conflicted with the law-based gospel that had been taught in Israel for the previous 1400 years.
  • What the word witnessing means.
  • The most effective way of motivating people to attend church or a Bible study.

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NOTE: I recommend listening to the lessons on the tabernacle as I view this series as being one of the most valuable teachings in the Bible. The tabernacle lessons gives us God's formula (not man's) for being justified, sanctified (maturing as a Christian), having an effective prayer life, having an appetite for the Word of God, and for being a positive witness for Christ.

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Comments Are In:

Rev. Dr. Dean, Pastor- If you are looking for a man with a fresh perspective to lead your church to another level, consider inviting Jack to come in and lead a series of teaching sessions. Our church thoroughly enjoyed the time. He is competent in handling the scriptures, and has great insight about Biblical truths that are often neglected or simply not taught by design in so many of our churches today. You will not be disappointed if you embark on such a course.

Connie - I can't put the book Under the Cloud down!

David (a Sunday School teacher for Young Marrieds) - It is a great teaching resource that I know is reliable. There are specific topics that I can easily access for use in my class like "The Rock" and I especially liked the section on "Educating the Flesh."

Mary Anne - Under the Cloud is not just another man's opinion, it is all based on Scripture.

Antoinette (who has already purchased over 30 books) - As I give the book to friends and clients, I say to them "put down all the other books you are reading and read this one! I promise you Under the Cloud will change your life."

Julie - I started reading Under the Cloud yesterday and felt enveloped in love, as well as wonderful memories of being taught amazing and powerful truths through two incredible servants of God. Thank You!

Name withheld by us - I will send my husband and son off to the Middle East in Sept. for their second deployment with a copy of your book. (Likely to Afghanistan).

Karen - I am really enjoying your book. It sure is one that I will go back to. I have already marked it up.

John & Jane - We are both enjoying your book so much. Please bring us 10 more signed copies on Thursday.

Rob - My only criticism of the book is that I eventually ran out of pages.

Sally - Your book is fantastic! I just wish I had read it 20 years ago. It would have answered a lot of my questions.

Wayne - I loved the section on "Rigged Fights."