Tabernacle Law
Bible Study Lesson

This Tabernacle Law Bible study series contains six audio lessons that you can download for FREE.

Join our small group fellowship as we study this important lesson on the Old Testament tabernacle and discover how the teachings can edify our Christian lives.


"Make Me a tabernacle, that I may dwell among
them, according to the pattern I gave you
Exodus 28:8-9

The tabernacle was likely the most expensive tent ever built. In today's commodity market the gold and silver that was used in the construction would be valued at over $30,000,000. It is interesting that more space in Scripture is devoted to the tabernacle than to any other single topic. Apparently, God views the lessons that the tabernacle rituals teach as being extremely important.

There were six stations of worship in the tabernacle and each was symbolic of an aspect of the Christian life. The following are seven subjects that will be covered in this series:

  • Why a Christian is no longer under the judgmental law of Moses.
  • God's formula for being justified.
  • How a Christian matures—the sanctification process.
  • How a believer becomes a positive witness for Christ.
  • The importance of being exposed to the Word of God.
  • Developing an effective prayer life.
  • Being under the judgmental law, or being under the redeeming blood of Christ.

With the exception of Luke, the New Testament recorders were Jews who were familiar with tabernacle rituals. They assumed their reading audience would be limited to converted Jews, which is why they felt no need to elaborate on such tabernacle lingo as propitiation, brazen altar, and mercy seat. To a Jew of that day, such words would speak volumes. Today's Christian community consists of mostly redeemed Gentiles who don't have a tabernacle background to draw from. As a result, parts of the New Testament remain fuzzy and unclear. For example, being a Pharisee, the apostle Paul was familiar with the tabernacle rituals, and in his epistles he used tabernacle lingo to make a point. This is why Gentile Christians often find parts of Paul's writings confusing. The writer of the book of Hebrews was also a Jew who was familiar with the tabernacle rituals. It is for this reason that the book of Hebrews remains a closed book to converted Gentiles. It is also the reason the book of Hebrews is rarely taught in today's Christian community.

The tabernacle worship stations are the foundation to the New Testament. Without this foundation portions of the New Testament will be beyond our reach. Once we complete this series the New Testament will become more alive and we will become more excited about our position in the kingdom of Christ.

"Moses wrote about Me"
John 5:46

Moses lived approximately 1500 years before Jesus was born. The names Jesus and Christ don't appear in the Old Testament. So, how was Moses able to write about Jesus? How was Jesus able to say, "Search the Scriptures for they speak of Me" (John 5:39). Since the New Testament was not recorded when Jesus made these statements, He was obviously referring to the Old Testament Scriptures. Moses recorded the details of the tabernacle, and in do so, wrote about Christ. Every detail in the tabernacle spoke of the Savior. The book of Hebrews says the tabernacle rituals were shadows of someone real. That someone was Jesus Christ!

If you have a desire to mature as a Christian, have an effective prayer life, and want to be a radiant bride to Christ, then this tabernacle series will be of great value to you. I view this series as being one of the most important teachings in the Bible. Once we get a handle on what the tabernacle worship stations symbolize the New Testament will become richer and our Christian life will be revolutionized.

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Tabernacle Law
Bible Study Lesson

When Moses came off Mt. Sinai he carried two important articles—the tablets of the law and the pattern of the tabernacle. Each item plays a vital role in a person becoming a Christian.

In this lesson we will examine the following:

  • The purpose of the law of Moses. Contrary to the thinking of many the Ten Commandments were not to show a person how to function.
  • The purpose of the tabernacle.
  • What the first station of worship symbolized—the brazen altar.
  • What Jesus was saying when He announced from Calvary "It is finished."
  • What the tabernacle scapegoat ritual pictured.

Tabernacle Law Lesson

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